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June 10, 2012
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Miakoda by DJ88 Miakoda by DJ88
NO you may NOT use this image for basing,copying,tracing,altering,RPing, personal character pictures, commercial use, re-uploading, blah blah BLAH ETC.....

The young wolf heard a howling in the dark, he turned in nearly every direction... but he could not see the wolf...or creature.... that was making the noise. It was loud, as if it were right next to him. Then it would fade and echo, as if it were a mile away. He started to run. It was so dark he could barely see anything but the stars in the sky. Should he howl for help from his pack? Or will it give away his position? He ran, and zig-zagged... trying to escape. He heard paw steps in the snow, something was right on his tail. A rush of brave took over him and he snarled and spun around, lading on all four paws, head lowered, fur standing on tense edge, and eyes burning with frustration... . then his eyes calmed, and he looked around.... then down at the ground... and again.... nothing. Not a single set of paw prints except for his own... how could something chase you and not leave paw prints in the snow?

Everything fell silent once more. What was going on?
Was he going mad? What is this?!

Then the sky brightened up, soo bright that it illuminated the surroundings..... Now he has seen the rainbow at night before, but nothing like this. Then he heard the footsteps again, this time running circles around him. He heard playful panting, and he looked around in fear, his tail went between his legs. He can almost feel a presence running around him.
Then a loud disembodied howl pierced the air. His ears flattened and he shut his eyes.

A wind picked up, out of no where, and he opened his eyes.
And there was a smiling face, just staring back at him playfully.
His mouth dropped, it was a wolf, the biggest wolf he has ever seen, and it was...glowing... Not just glowing, but FLOATING! Like some kind of spirit!

Was it.... Was this wolf spirit playing with him?

Oh he was just so confused now.....
And then a warm, calm voice came from the wolf, as he laughed

"Hahaha, That was a fun game of Chase!"

He just kept staring at the spirit, confused and in awe. And speechless.

"What's the matter? Don't be so afraid of me, when you were a pup, you've always wanted to play with me at night. You all did"

.... Then the young wolf had realized that he was in the presence of a spirit, better, a God that he, and generations before him have been told about from the time of pup-hood.

Miakoda, meaning "Power of The Moon".
An ancient god-like spirit that has the power and responsibilities over the life of the Moon...and other "nightly" things. He is also known as a phantom, he hops to and from this world like a ghost. Often playing tricks on fellow animals, and have been known to brighten the way back home to lost wolves.

But this was just an old wolf's tail.
The young wolf could not believe what was going on.... and was still just staring at Miakoda in disbelief.

" What troubles you little one? Did you not enjoy our game?"

Miakoda tilted his head.


" How did I do all of that? How did you not see me when I was running just around you?"


"Little one, you were alone and scared, so I wanted to cheer you up with a game... and now you need to go home"

"H--home?! But I-I-. I have soo many questions!"

"There is no time now for questions Onawa."

"How... how did you know my name?"

"Onawa, meaning "wide awake"....your mother named you that because you were the only pup born with your eyes open."


Onawa looked behind him for the voice of His mother. "ONAWA!!" His whole pack was calling him! And they were getting closer. ....then his eyes widened--

"--Wait! I-"... Onawa turned around and Miakoda was gone. Not a scent, not a hair.... not a noise. Nothing.... As if he was never even there.......

No one would ever believe him, that Miakoda played chase with him, to lead him back home to his lost pack.

He turned to head toward his pack. Confused, but calm. And.... Happy...

And he would never forget about this night... the night he played with Miakoda.

That was a lot of typing!

Fits this pic though, as it took me freaking all day JUST to draw it! (was working on it on and off and was distracted.... and kept on adding details o0)
And a story, with a picture... that isn't about some horrible monster or doomy thing chasing or killing or being killed by something? No...blood? No gore? Nothing? It's.... nice?????

........Well anyways.... this is an attempted at a revamp of a fairly old character of mine named Miakoda (meaning Power of the moon).

Just used this as an excuse to make myself draw. And yes... yes, Miakoda is fairly muscular for a wolf... but he's a spirit, almost godlike, he's not normal soo BAGH!

And my goodness, if you even remember this character at ALL then you have been watching me for a very long time.....especially considering that this character was originally from 2006.... and back then my wolf anatomy looked like it HURT LOL

Ohhh how time does fly!

BTW This character, and legend and story and stuff were made up by me, so yeah. It has nothing to do with folklore or legends that exist, and if it has anything in common with and real things... then wow I did not know o0




If you read that whole are a trooper.
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